Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihood

Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihood

Category:Food Security, Nutrition and Livelhoods,Six Thematic Areas

The Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework commits Afghanistan to a path of self-reliance, with a focus on sustainable job creation with concomitant improved welfare and poverty reduction. The UN engagement in this sector responds to carefully targeted and professionally managed assistance for the most vulnerable, including those who cannot access sufficient nutritious food, and a gradual transition towards safety nets.

At the request of government, the UN’s strategy for food security, nutrition and livelihoods foresees developing institutional, technical and financial capacity at the national and sub-national levels in order to, in the first instance, coordinate and monitor the implementation of food security, nutrition and livelihood programmes. This focus is guided by the implementation of the ANPDF National Priority Programmes that contribute to achieving SDGs 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 12 and 15.

UN agencies will coordinate, plan, implement and monitor their joint work by:

    • Strengthening value chains for jobs, and improving access to markets for farmers and entrepreneurs;
    • Monitoring and evaluating nutrition activities;
    • Improving the evidence-base by assessing and forecasting;
    • Bringing coherence to UN and World Bank Disaster Risk Reduction programming and supporting the development and implementation of a Sendai Roadmap; and
  • Strengthening links to related thematic areas, such as the durable solutions initiative to enhance livelihood support to the most vulnerable.