International Women’s Day 2019 International Theme: Think equal, build smart, innovate for change UN Afghanistan: Journey to Equality

International Women’s Day 2019 International Theme: Think equal, build smart, innovate for change UN Afghanistan: Journey to Equality

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For this year UN Afghanistan selected ‘Journey to Equality’ as the theme for International Women’s Day celebrations in Afghanistan. All UN agencies joined together to develop Photo Stories of ten women champions, who are active in making changes within their communities and whose stories remain untold. The photos stories were exhibited at an event on March 14, in UNOCA, to which women champions and civil society were invited.

The photo Stories of each champion consists of a series of five photos, including a short biography, a quote and a short story of the champion, and showing the person undertaking her work.

Gulfarooz Ebtekar, the first #woman police officer in AFG to hold a master’s degree in security sciences.

She deals with cases of violence against women and children.

Guldasta is head of IDP shura. She has worked to improve the protection of internally displaced persons, has advocated for women’s rights and has helped victims of domestic #violence in her community.

Khadija Zahra Ahmadi is Mayor of Nili in Daikundi province, one of the only two female mayors in the country. “I am convinced that the only way to improve municipal governance in our cities is through the participation of citizens in public affairs, bringing their voices to the discussions and fulfilling their needs.”

Marghuba Safi, an entrepreneur creating jobs for female drug addicts in recovery. “I train and empower women by establishing organic agricultural farms. These women are producing saffron, marigold, lavender, and rose, all organic and natural.”

Mushtari Hesari is a community trainer in Parwan Province. She has trained more than 600 women on hygienic milking, milk collection, production and market linkage, livestock management, and sustainable agriculture practices.

Najiba Qasimi is part of the first women deminer team in Afghanistan, proving that #women have the same abilities as men to perform all types of work.

Samira Asghari is the first #Afghan woman on the International Olympic Committee. Her goal is to empower women and girls, especially in the field of sports, and by empower she means to help them overcome all barriers, and live and lead successful lives.

Zahra Gulsom is an activist who fights against street #harassment and harmful traditional practices in #Bamyan. Recently, she opened a cultural center with a large library to raise cultural awareness among young people.

Zainab Fayez works as an EVAW prosecutor at the Attorney General’s Office in Kandahar’s appellate court. She was the first woman to assume such a position in the southern region. “We, Afghan women, are progressing with the help of pen and knowledge, and can contribute to positive change in #Afghanistan.”

Zakira Babarkhil is a university professor at Nangarhar University and an accomplished author of at least 20 publications. “Being a professor enables me to achieve my goal of serving the new generation of Afghans through education, for a better #Afghanistan.”

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